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WARFACE is a shooter first-person multiplayer massive online for PC and Xbox 360, developed by Crytek, authors of Crysis, whose assets include a fabulous visuals. Warface, the new Crytek, will launch on October 21. It's a first-person action game with free-to-play approach, so you can download and play for free on PC. The game was in testing phase.

After covering the launch in Russia and the major markets of Asia, two areas where online gaming is booming, Warface prepares to disembark in all other territories adapt to the needs of different audiences. Such a level of depth reached this adaptation that Crytek analyzes requests for players to present different models of their characters as is the case with the soldiers, the issue that has caused some controversy.

New controversy with the inclusion of female characters in a video game. In this case, the story revolves around Warface, Crytek, which includes women with designs that contain a high sexual component to some and some new. In an interview with Wired, Chief producer Joshua Howard has pointed out that in any case they have made these designs according to criteria that try to sexually exploit the figure of the woman as a claim for the shooter.

As they explain with necklines and from Crytek, showing slender women is due to the demands of different markets where the game is available (Russia and China). From the study are willing to implement changes according to markets. "Our job is to be realistic. Agreement [the players] to receive realistic men were, but they wanted that women not submitted is so realistic,"says the producer of the game action, admitting to adjust models for types of players.

One of those differences situates it in China, a market where the characters "are more disproportionate" in size, and chords with the Asian aesthetic. Crytek does not seek a "generic" game for all markets, but located. There are many studies that say that the future of gaming is in the free-to-play, this business model that offers free games and sometimes integrating micropayments. Well, it seems that this system is particularly successful in Russia, thus Warface, the free shooter from Crytek, brings together five million players. You can generate unlimited currency with the new and improved Kredits Generator that you can download from here http://warfacedomination.pw/warface-money-hacks/

"Five million registered users says much about the quality and offering Warface. Combining first-class and gameplay graphics has been attracting the attention of the players", says Vladimir Nikolsky, Vice President of the editor of the shooter. This success of Warface in Russia does not serve but to confirm the belief of Crytek that free-to-play will have a huge impact on the industry of the game in the immediate future. In fact, the company expects to devote himself exclusively to this business model following the launch of Crysis 3.