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Clash of Clans Gem Generator

To help you we place a couple of times a week nice tips for the game Clash of Clans in order to play well.
When you attacked is this is not a disaster. Eventually you hit but 25% Elixir and gold and 5% dark Elixir lost, in a brief moment is your village there again. When you think need. the shield. You should refrain from using it too! Generate unlimited amounts of gems with the new Gem Generator for free.

If you're going to spend money then give up to 4.50 from additional huts. These are becoming more and more expensive and the maximum that you can have is five. With four cabins work is best, at one point she almost never upgrade is so expensive that you can put to work all at once.

the upgrades of your town hall should have priority and also the laboratory. You go much louder ahead as you focus concentrates on the upgrades of your Town Hall. On the second place of your focus you can best maintain the upgrades of your camps and armies. These do you use namely for attacking opponents. The Defense do you erna and last the mines and Elixir pumps. Make sure that you have many jat of others.

When you are just starting out with the game Clash of Clans to play first will come in handy if you are well prepared. Below we have some great tips for beginners who can help you to move forward in the game.

Gems you have to save it for later in the game because these are worth a lot of money. Then you can use this for upgrades that also become ever more expensive. Give your gems so not right out!

Try to build cabins at the beginning as many workers. These have always been important and will continue to help the entire Clash of Clans career. So do not be economical with worker huts.

The Town Hall is the most important thing you have. Protect your city home so well because there are also your trophies, give these trophies to your rankings. If you know is under attack and you lose the Town Hall in the battle then you lose also trophies and so your ranking. Download the Gem Generator now and start owning your adversaries online.

You can build walls to protect buildings, so make sure that your walls to your town house builds. So you protect your City Hall against future attacks. Put back the storage depots also walls because there are your stocks and who do you want to not get rid of it.

Raw materials-boost! Raw materials-boost! Raw materials-boost! Raw materials-boost!
You can now for a whole week you gold mines, boost pumps pumps and dark elixir elixir for just one gem! And because two years is the Clash of Clans just one gem per pump for seven days!

Boost (dark) elixir pump or gold mine
For one gem per (dark) elixir pump or gold mine can you pumping up raw materials for 7 days Balakrishna. As a result, the production of raw materials goes twice as fast. You can turn on the boost up to 7 August and then runs for 7 days.

A gold mine and an elixir pump deliver 3,000 Gold level 11/elixir per hour on. and so 72,000 per day.
So a day will provide you with a boost of 72,000 extra gold or elixir on. and for the players at the higher levels that 7 gold mines and 7 elixir pumps possess is this so 504,000 Gold or elixir extra in 24 hours.

Tip: If you have enough gems, take also a shield of 7 days for 250 gemstones. Then you can sit back with your level 10 City Hall and in a week 7 win gold and 7 million million elixir