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Forget coverage, energy systems which reloads or characters that appear to be true sponges for bullets. In the game, any carelessness can cost your life, and try to embody the character Rambo will rarely bring good rewards.

If you have experience with the original counter-strike, there won't be any kind of difficulty adjusting to Global Offensive gameplay. Most striking example of the respect that the developer had the classic elements of the series is the fact that the speed of the character still controlled by varying depending on the equipment activated — unrealistic element that has become a trademark of the game.

Upgraded graphics-Fortunately, the changes applied by the developer do not cause the title lose its identity, actually contributing to make it even more fun. An example of this is the way the cash rewards are displayed on the screen: now, in addition to winning larger values, you know exactly what actions have resulted in the possibility of investing in new equipment and weapons.
Although counter-strike: Global Offensive is far from possessing a visual presentation capable of competing with titles like Battlefield 3, recasting the title graphics pleasing enough. Classic maps like DUST and HELL gained a completely renovated appearance, in addition to presenting alternative paths that help make the gaming experience more varied.
Similarly, the characters now have faces easier to identify and win new animations that make your drive more fluid. Among the details that catch the eye is the fact that now all weapons possessed by a character are displayed in your body, which helps you get a sense of realism.

It is worth noting that, when compared to newer titles, Global Offensive is not exactly surprising in his presentation. However, given the developer's decision to allow the largest number of configurations could run the game, he can deliver a pretty good balance between accessibility and visual complexity.

What has changed with the new counter-strike global offensive hacks ?

Greater accessibility - The most notable change seen in counter-strike: Global Offensive is in your menus and in the way the matches are initiated. Instead of having to scroll through several Windows in search of a server with vacancies, now just choose the game mode in which you want to enter and wait while the game automatically search the best room for you inside. You can get this kind of tools from websites like http://csgohacks.me/free-cs-go-hacks there you can find all kinds of cs go hacks for free.

Similarly, processes such as arms purchases are more organized due to the refurbishment of some elements of the interface of the game. In addition, the HUD (heads-up Display) was renovated to allow better navigation for maps of the game, warning about the presence of enemies who are shooting and indicating the placement of its allies.
Despite being a pretty solid game, you can't deny that counter-strike also has his faults — which, as well as their qualities, remain intact in Global Offensive. In this way, who knows of the locations in which it is possible to take advantage of flaws in the game to obtain advantages won't have any difficulty in abuse problems to defeat opponents.