Star Wars Commander Review

Star Wars: Force Commander for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Star Wars Commander Review

It has reached an interesting game of strategy to the App Store, it's Star Wars: Force Commander, a fantastic game in which you will have the opportunity to join the forces of the Empire or the heroes Han Solo and Princess Leia fighters.

The game is completely free, available both in the iPad tablet and iPhone and features a multiplayer mode. With Star Wars: Force Commander will be able to epic battles against other players in the purest style of Clash of Clans.

It recreates the famous Star Wars films in an amazing game with great 3D graphics

Many of you are fans of the Star Wars saga, if so today we bring you good news, and it is that the new game for iPad and iPhone from Star Wars has an excellent graphics engine which not slowed down play nothing but present dozens of units in the battle. At the beginning, it offers an excellent tutorial that will take you from planet planet dictating you and explain everything you need to become the best jedi.

Star Wars: Force Commander joins the large number of strategy games that were clumped on the App Store, perhaps the game comes too late, but arrives safely and with many possibilities of success among the users of iOS. It is very similar to other games of the genre, like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach or Total Conquest: build your own base, improves and updated buildings and watchtowers, and face off against thousands of players online.

You can find some working tools like the Ipad Cheats that many people have been looking for. In Star Wars: Force Commander can choose to fight alongside the forces of the Empire or join Han Solo and Princess Leia, along with other fighters heroes. The game is very entertaining, the similarities between the characters of the film and the game are amazing and lots of sound effects you get into the theme of the game and encourage you to play for hours.

At iPadizate we've tried it, and we have found a really entertaining game. The graphics are fantastic and the possibility to create our own troop of soldiers to be sent to attack the bases of other players... is great!