Real Hearthstone bot

The hearthstone bots are here to stay - learn how to detect them!

Real Hearthstone bot

This week a new wing in Naxxramas should open at Blizzard's free online card game Hearthstone. This time the military wing waiting for brave adventurers. The hearthstone bots are becoming a real problem for legit users.

In the military wing, old acquaintances waiting Hearthstone players. Instructor of Razuvious, Gothik of the harvester and the four horsemen are the opponents. From a leak weeks before the official release to Naxxramas, some of your ability are known. DataMiner have unveiled more cards at hearthpwn. We were right with our guesses at the last two wings. The skills of the bosses may not be official.

Razuvious, Gothik of the harvester and the four horsemen - what do you have on it?

Hearthstone boss RazuviousInstrukteur instructor Razuvious - Razuvious is a trick boss like in the original world-of-Warcraft-RAID. He has a weapon card, a massive Rune Blade (5/2), which does double damage on the player and costs 3 mana. In heroic mode has the blade even (10/2) for the same price. When in normal mode of Razuvious gets free blow field on the player, clap as 10 damage down (heroic even 20) and the thing is quickly eaten.

Razuvious draws with two 0/7-servants, his students in the battle. She will assume the player about a Gedankenkontroll crystal. Apparently, he also has some Buffkarten, with which he can strengthen his pupils. Probably, the fight will turn therefore have enough spotter above Razuvious is becoming a tempting target as the player, preferably acquired students. Hero skill Razuvios 3 damage for 2 Mana on HC 4 makes damage for 1 mana.

Hearthstone Boss Gothik the harvester GoldGothik of the harvester - Gothik of the harvester has 3 special servant cards: for 1 Mana, he conjures up a 2/2-servant for 3 a 3/4, for 6 Mana a 5/6-servant. These servants left after her death when the player again a servant with 0-attack, but a life score of 2, 4 or 6. These ghostly servants make a damage point to the player himself at the beginning of each round.

So, he should find a way somehow to give them ridicule to hills to attack them or to clear the Board regularly. As hero ability, Gothic can draw a card for 2 Mana points. In HC mode, he receives a card and a Mana Crystal for 1 mana. His servant cards are also stronger on HC.

Hearthstone boss Baron RivendareDie are four horsemen - the four horsemen by Baron Rivendare (dt: Baron death pledge) represents. He starts the game with three minions, the other riders that have 1/7 and as the ability make their heroes immune. Rivendare himself has only 7 HP, HC 14 then. He has weapons and maps, which are more powerful if the tab or all are deceased one. He also plays a "buff", of all servants and weapons + 1 / + 1 gives. HC, the riders start with 2/7 and the other cards should be stronger. One of the most known hearthstone bots is the hearthcrawler that you can find a cracked version from this website.

When the four horsemen there will be probably important evenly to reduce the life of the rider, then to destroy them in one fell swoop and umzubursten the Baron himself in a few rounds before he gets any ideas.

As hero ability, Rivendare can draw 2 cards for 5 mana.

The three Hearthstone bosses from the military wing once again portray their counterparts in Naxxramas. The last wing opened Tuesday night - with much less fanfare - at 23:59. Until now, no official time for the release of the military wing is known. Blizzard struggling with problems in transactions since last week.