Insurgency Exploits

Find out which exploits are still currently unpatched in Insurgency Online

Insurgency Exploits

First person shooters have a stigma attracted, with a subset of gamers claim the genre has become a homogenized mess. It would not be wrong to say that many of the big name shooters take signals from each other, as proof that the greatest games sometimes those are hidden in the crowd.

Insurgencyis a sequel to the Source mod of the same name. Releasing as a full game, Insurgencygelanceerd on Steam in the beginning of 2014; building a relatively small but passionate fanbase since its release in January. While the game does not have the name recognition or marketing muscle of other shooters, the emphasis on tactics and slower pace has to find its own small niche toegestaanInsurgencyom.

Developer New World Interactive has many of the aspects identified in the contemporary shooters lost, though that's not to say the game is quite reminiscent of older FPS titles.Insurgencygeen rows or deepening progression; Instead, players get a selection of classes to choose from. Each team is divided into two teams, consisting of different classes. The types of classes available depending on the game type. Strike, for example tasks players with destroying several weapon caches. As such, the bomber and demolitions classes are more prominent in the team selection, while modes that focus on ground control to put more of an emphasis on basic infantry.

How to counter this kind of cheating and game exploits ?

Many of the exploits are currently being patched by the game developers so you don't have to worry as much. Each class takes a place in the eight man squads, with work being extinguished in evenly balancing how teams are structured. For example, there is only one sniper slot available in each series, compared to the two or three riflemem slots. This prevents teams from becoming crooked and only that a particular class. It is impossible, for example, to the team consisting only of snipers. Since there is no ranking system, his weapons not unlocked the more one plays. On the contrary, there is a specific set of weapons are available for each class. Specialists have the widest range of weapons available, while Sharpshooters are usually limited to two weapons.

Players get a number of supply points, to help choose what gear they will bring in the fight. Nutritional points works similar to the points system seen inCall of Duty: Ghosts. When building a loadout, players use their side points with which items they want to provide. Supply certain weapons cost more points than others, with weapon attachments adding a to three points to the total cost. Players have to think about building a loadout that suits them best. No one point is needed, so players hand weapons and explosives may be waived if they prefer a multitude of attachments to add to their primary weapon.

As with the class system, the way in which the game is set up for weapons and loadouts of increasingly skewed. Everyone starts on a level playing field, without a gun are more powerful than the other. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, which in turn causes the players to play to their class ' role.

Modern Combat 5 Hack

Download the new hacks for Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5 Hack

The Modern Combat is the long-awaited title 5 FPS for the iOS that has long been expecting the advent of. The Gameloft did currently available in the App Store, and we couldn't be more happy. You can make everything easier with a good MC5 Blackout Hack for Ipad.

Today exclusively in Greece through our collaboration with Gameloft first presented a detailed Review of the game and video with gameplay that you can find here

To the game, not unfairly in our review we called perhaps the best FPS to 2014 for the iOS is compatible and universal for iPhone and iPad. The Gameloft stresses that we need 708MB free space while you'll need an iPad 2 or newer model, iPhone 4S or later and end is compatible with 5th generation iPod touch.

You can download it from the App Store to 5,99 € here a pretty good price if you consider that not included in app purchases and that this is one of the best games for iOS this time.

The Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the latest addition to the series of FPS (first person shooter) of Gameloft. A title that everyone expected with great agony and Thursday 24/7 will make its appearance on the App Store giving end to a longer waiting time from the moment it was announced.

The AppleWorldHellas, an affiliate of Gameloft in Greece, presents for the first time before the official release a detailed review and video with the gameplay. The truth is, like maybe some understood, that we had in our possession this evidence for some days but could not give much to hype a and our Studio forbade.
The day we arrived and with great pleasure we present you the best FPS game that we played in iOS.

This series of Gameloft is based on war and multiple looks similar to the style of Call of Duty game found on PC and consoles. Each new title in the series so far show better graphics, more action and better gameplay. Last year the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and not unfairly won a number of awards and is one of the best games you will find some on mobile platforms.
Let's see what we prepared for this year the Gameloft with Modern Combat 5: Blackout


As with previous titles in the series have a FPS game. The Gameloft and rightly decided not to change the nature of the game. In this sense the game resembles its predecessors but has to offer and a lot more besides.

There is a single player campaign mode and a multiplayer mode. In the single player campaign we have a nice and well-written story to help but after a while you won't mind and very a and will focus directly on unabated gaming action. Yes there is a script and a main character but will come to most of you in the background.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 Hacks


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 Hacks

You can find the best Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 Hacks on this website for download. Actually had sledgehammer games call of duty: fog of was a very different kind of call of duty at work. The set game but probably also on the new call of duty project will be some influences: Advanced warfare have.

Michael Condrey, one of the co-founders of the Developer Studio sledgehammer games, has Once again expressed in the meantime mashed first call-of-duty track his company in an interview published on The fog of was called project should play in the Viet Nam war, it upon the completion of call of duty created by the development team but on ice, there: modern warfare 3 should help.
Call of duty: Fog of was should be accordingly so play like the uncharted series known from PlayStation consoles:

"One can imagine the game as a uncharted of kind of, but within the universe of call of duty. We already had a prototype and he was really cool. It was a brave attempt to make an interactive kind of Apocalypse Now in the Viet Nam war. We had a 15-minute Show me and there were A few really great moments.»

However the game was completely different to what actually do call of duty. You have had about not this fast and jerky gameplay.
Nevertheless, A few of the at that time gained clearly in his current project, call of duty would sledgehammer games: take advantage of advanced warfare. So then hinted the sledgehammer founder:

How exactly this should happen, although left Condrey. However the development team revealed already A few of the innovations in the past few weeks. There will be in call of duty: Advanced warfare about Exo-skeleton suits To give, which are likely to bring a fresh breeze with it especially in multiplayer mode.

The Developer Studio sledgehammer games explains the workings of the Exo-suits in the multiplayer mode in a new developer video and called A few of the accompanying Exo skills as an example.

Call of duty: Advanced warfare is differed probably in multi player mode first and foremost through the use of the so-called Exo-suits from its predecessors. The Exo-skeleton suits to the game to verticality expanded and have otherwise even A few surprises, the so-called Exo skills. Which are just that, has now told the development team in a new video.

The battery-powered abilities, with the wearing of an exo-suits in the multiplayer mode of call of duty: Advanced warfare go hand in hand, add another layer of customization and gameplay of the game. However, this also a Loadout point is lost.

Among other things, the Exo-skills ranging from to the ability of levitation at low altitude from a personal ballistic shield over a faster movement speed. The use of these special abilities is linked however when activated on the battery life of the suit and possible only once per life.

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Points Generator

Get free points with the points genrator for FUT 15

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Points Generator

Like every year, while Ligue 1 is in full swing and we are still in the early stages of the Champions League, EA takes advantage of effervescence to offer to the people his new cru, still richest, still more imposing.

Imposed in every show since the E3 news, FIFA 14 especially had time to shine in the Next-Gen, especially on Xbox One side ads. But two months before the arrival of the new machines, it is on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that it welcomes this new edition. And as in every time, just to enter a bunch of crazy hours to realize that evolution is indeed, the revolution having too much place in a series become a reference of its kind. Evolution, starting with what is not necessarily the most important all remaining of the more significant: the interface. This is a good point exploit to get unlimited amounts of points for you and your friends.

Completed bordelic menus with selection bar and place at the big fashion of modern times, namely architecture metro way Windows 8 made large boxes to have more the lesser evil to find. Good on the other hand, it's the only true polish on the form, the technical part of the remaining game clearly similar to the latest editions, namely real smoothly (and with a little more of faces modeled), while the sound aspect is undergoing some adjustments so that it feels more the atmosphere in the stadiums.

An "update" aspect is found also in the content. There again, EA Sports was not really much to be ashamed as the previous seasons were models in material, solo as online. Thus, summarizing the situation a little, it is the same thing as last year, with a few additions like the season mode which can now be played cooperatively online (2 VS 2), career mode now much deeper in the management recruitment (thanks the new interface again) and the Ultimate Team that gets rid of some of its burden to provide more options on all the aspects. And as every year, we must forget not staff reviewed, at least for officially licensed teams, and new Championships to satisfy growing world, this time with the Argentina, the Colombia and Chile, for a total of clubs simply impressive that you can find the full list at this address.

Of course, the majority of the changes that will be on the length remains on the side of the gameplay. The team has indeed made the choice to somewhat mitigate the speed of the game, translated by heavier characters than last year without in the tank. We keep a certain speed but with a ball which now still has less tendency to hang your walk at the time of shoot, you forcing to take into account the time of animation to engage your shooting and so if the field is sufficiently free to not make you fly at the last moment. Always deep, the gameplay guard still essentially based on the attack, the AI approach loading to do a very good job and calls opportunities will make the difference in 'evenings-tournaments. It must also take into account a ball more heavy than to the accustomed blow a much better offer felt during the strikes and the effects. One of the big strengths of this new episode, and there were just to balance an aerial game a little too much tend to focus on the heavyweights of the discipline, leaves to make unfair from many corners. None of drama at the moment, especially as a magic patch is likely correct that at any time (or ever, what would then be a trick to improve to FIFA 15).

Star Wars Commander Review

Star Wars: Force Commander for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Star Wars Commander Review

It has reached an interesting game of strategy to the App Store, it's Star Wars: Force Commander, a fantastic game in which you will have the opportunity to join the forces of the Empire or the heroes Han Solo and Princess Leia fighters.

The game is completely free, available both in the iPad tablet and iPhone and features a multiplayer mode. With Star Wars: Force Commander will be able to epic battles against other players in the purest style of Clash of Clans.

It recreates the famous Star Wars films in an amazing game with great 3D graphics

Many of you are fans of the Star Wars saga, if so today we bring you good news, and it is that the new game for iPad and iPhone from Star Wars has an excellent graphics engine which not slowed down play nothing but present dozens of units in the battle. At the beginning, it offers an excellent tutorial that will take you from planet planet dictating you and explain everything you need to become the best jedi.

Star Wars: Force Commander joins the large number of strategy games that were clumped on the App Store, perhaps the game comes too late, but arrives safely and with many possibilities of success among the users of iOS. It is very similar to other games of the genre, like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach or Total Conquest: build your own base, improves and updated buildings and watchtowers, and face off against thousands of players online.

You can find some working tools like the Ipad Cheats that many people have been looking for. In Star Wars: Force Commander can choose to fight alongside the forces of the Empire or join Han Solo and Princess Leia, along with other fighters heroes. The game is very entertaining, the similarities between the characters of the film and the game are amazing and lots of sound effects you get into the theme of the game and encourage you to play for hours.

At iPadizate we've tried it, and we have found a really entertaining game. The graphics are fantastic and the possibility to create our own troop of soldiers to be sent to attack the bases of other players... is great!

CS GO Hacks

We are here to show you the best CS GO Hacks of the moment

CS GO Hacks

There are several sites sharing CS GO Hacks for free and we are able to get our hands on a number of them and want to share the best ones with you. 

Forget coverage, energy systems which reloads or characters that appear to be true sponges for bullets. In the game, any carelessness can cost your life, and try to embody the character Rambo will rarely bring good rewards.

If you have experience with the original counter-strike, there won't be any kind of difficulty adjusting to Global Offensive gameplay. Most striking example of the respect that the developer had the classic elements of the series is the fact that the speed of the character still controlled by varying depending on the equipment activated — unrealistic element that has become a trademark of the game.

Upgraded graphics-Fortunately, the changes applied by the developer do not cause the title lose its identity, actually contributing to make it even more fun. An example of this is the way the cash rewards are displayed on the screen: now, in addition to winning larger values, you know exactly what actions have resulted in the possibility of investing in new equipment and weapons.
Although counter-strike: Global Offensive is far from possessing a visual presentation capable of competing with titles like Battlefield 3, recasting the title graphics pleasing enough. Classic maps like DUST and HELL gained a completely renovated appearance, in addition to presenting alternative paths that help make the gaming experience more varied.
Similarly, the characters now have faces easier to identify and win new animations that make your drive more fluid. Among the details that catch the eye is the fact that now all weapons possessed by a character are displayed in your body, which helps you get a sense of realism.

It is worth noting that, when compared to newer titles, Global Offensive is not exactly surprising in his presentation. However, given the developer's decision to allow the largest number of configurations could run the game, he can deliver a pretty good balance between accessibility and visual complexity.

What has changed with the new counter-strike global offensive hacks ?

Greater accessibility - The most notable change seen in counter-strike: Global Offensive is in your menus and in the way the matches are initiated. Instead of having to scroll through several Windows in search of a server with vacancies, now just choose the game mode in which you want to enter and wait while the game automatically search the best room for you inside. You can get this kind of tools from websites like there you can find all kinds of cs go hacks for free.

Similarly, processes such as arms purchases are more organized due to the refurbishment of some elements of the interface of the game. In addition, the HUD (heads-up Display) was renovated to allow better navigation for maps of the game, warning about the presence of enemies who are shooting and indicating the placement of its allies.
Despite being a pretty solid game, you can't deny that counter-strike also has his faults — which, as well as their qualities, remain intact in Global Offensive. In this way, who knows of the locations in which it is possible to take advantage of flaws in the game to obtain advantages won't have any difficulty in abuse problems to defeat opponents.

Warface Kredits Generator

Warface Kredits Generator - Generate Unlimited amounts of money

Warface Kredits Generator

WARFACE is a shooter first-person multiplayer massive online for PC and Xbox 360, developed by Crytek, authors of Crysis, whose assets include a fabulous visuals. Warface, the new Crytek, will launch on October 21. It's a first-person action game with free-to-play approach, so you can download and play for free on PC. The game was in testing phase.

After covering the launch in Russia and the major markets of Asia, two areas where online gaming is booming, Warface prepares to disembark in all other territories adapt to the needs of different audiences. Such a level of depth reached this adaptation that Crytek analyzes requests for players to present different models of their characters as is the case with the soldiers, the issue that has caused some controversy.

New controversy with the inclusion of female characters in a video game. In this case, the story revolves around Warface, Crytek, which includes women with designs that contain a high sexual component to some and some new. In an interview with Wired, Chief producer Joshua Howard has pointed out that in any case they have made these designs according to criteria that try to sexually exploit the figure of the woman as a claim for the shooter.

As they explain with necklines and from Crytek, showing slender women is due to the demands of different markets where the game is available (Russia and China). From the study are willing to implement changes according to markets. "Our job is to be realistic. Agreement [the players] to receive realistic men were, but they wanted that women not submitted is so realistic,"says the producer of the game action, admitting to adjust models for types of players.

One of those differences situates it in China, a market where the characters "are more disproportionate" in size, and chords with the Asian aesthetic. Crytek does not seek a "generic" game for all markets, but located. There are many studies that say that the future of gaming is in the free-to-play, this business model that offers free games and sometimes integrating micropayments. Well, it seems that this system is particularly successful in Russia, thus Warface, the free shooter from Crytek, brings together five million players. You can generate unlimited currency with the new and improved Kredits Generator that you can download from here

"Five million registered users says much about the quality and offering Warface. Combining first-class and gameplay graphics has been attracting the attention of the players", says Vladimir Nikolsky, Vice President of the editor of the shooter. This success of Warface in Russia does not serve but to confirm the belief of Crytek that free-to-play will have a huge impact on the industry of the game in the immediate future. In fact, the company expects to devote himself exclusively to this business model following the launch of Crysis 3.