Modern Combat 5 Hack

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Modern Combat 5 Hack

The Modern Combat is the long-awaited title 5 FPS for the iOS that has long been expecting the advent of. The Gameloft did currently available in the App Store, and we couldn't be more happy. You can make everything easier with a good MC5 Blackout Hack for Ipad.

Today exclusively in Greece through our collaboration with Gameloft first presented a detailed Review of the game and video with gameplay that you can find here

To the game, not unfairly in our review we called perhaps the best FPS to 2014 for the iOS is compatible and universal for iPhone and iPad. The Gameloft stresses that we need 708MB free space while you'll need an iPad 2 or newer model, iPhone 4S or later and end is compatible with 5th generation iPod touch.

You can download it from the App Store to 5,99 € here a pretty good price if you consider that not included in app purchases and that this is one of the best games for iOS this time.

The Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the latest addition to the series of FPS (first person shooter) of Gameloft. A title that everyone expected with great agony and Thursday 24/7 will make its appearance on the App Store giving end to a longer waiting time from the moment it was announced.

The AppleWorldHellas, an affiliate of Gameloft in Greece, presents for the first time before the official release a detailed review and video with the gameplay. The truth is, like maybe some understood, that we had in our possession this evidence for some days but could not give much to hype a and our Studio forbade.
The day we arrived and with great pleasure we present you the best FPS game that we played in iOS.

This series of Gameloft is based on war and multiple looks similar to the style of Call of Duty game found on PC and consoles. Each new title in the series so far show better graphics, more action and better gameplay. Last year the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and not unfairly won a number of awards and is one of the best games you will find some on mobile platforms.
Let's see what we prepared for this year the Gameloft with Modern Combat 5: Blackout


As with previous titles in the series have a FPS game. The Gameloft and rightly decided not to change the nature of the game. In this sense the game resembles its predecessors but has to offer and a lot more besides.

There is a single player campaign mode and a multiplayer mode. In the single player campaign we have a nice and well-written story to help but after a while you won't mind and very a and will focus directly on unabated gaming action. Yes there is a script and a main character but will come to most of you in the background.